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Ghostwriting and fiction writing have, to me, more similarities than differences. The main difference, to my mind, is whether I am discovering a story or uncovering it. Uncovering people's personal and/or professional stories is an enlightening journey for me, and my clients often find they make new discoveries about themselves, as well. 


I look forward to hearing from readers of my fiction works. If you have any comments or questions, about my books, you can email me at: yme.egal@gmail.com


If you are contacting me regarding a ghostwriting request, please email me at: jackiegWrites4u@gmail.com. Details and reviews of my published works are below. 




Finalist and Winner of Honorable Mention: Reader Views Literary Awards, 2018-2019

"This is an intellectually stimulating mixed-media adventure that feels completely original." 9/10 - Publisher's Weekly Booklife Prize

"The author also does a great job at portraying a broken but not hopeless family life. Tess's family is both her strength and her weakness, and the author successfully exhibits this with the emotional back and forth Tess has with her children, her mother, and her ex-husband. In the end, all the seemingly disparate elements at the beginning of the story blend well together to create an entertaining, thought-provoking read." - Gabriella Tutino for The US Review of Books

“Awakening” by Jackie Goldman will “awaken” all of your senses.  Engrossing and highly entertaining, I highly recommend this novel for a distinct, memorable read. - Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views

"Awakening is a stellar novel." - Aimee Ann, RHBL




Beautiful_Minds_Cover_for_Kindle (2).jpg

The Beautiful Minds Project is a succession of volumes, featuring ghostwritten narratives about soulful New Yorkers.

Winner of "Best Reviewed Books for October, 2018," IndieReader

Review: "Jackie Goldman's collection of powerful  powerful biographies shines a light on six creative New Yorkers who have followed their artistic and altruistic visions to live fulfilling lives and bring joy to others....4.5 Stars and Indie Approved." Kat Kennedy for IndieReader

"...a wonderful reading experience." - Aimee Ann, RHBL

"I loved each tale." - Janny C., Indie's Review



I am extremely happy to announce that my critically acclaimed novel, "Flat Earth Theory" will be re-released in the coming months, featuring graphic novel components, and under my real name. 

"...the plot and subplot kept me hooked and I read it in a couple of sittings. I would recommend Yael Egal’s debut novel to anyone who likes mysteries or political suspense genres." - Dr. Sana Rl. Mitchell for The Neglected Ratio Journal

"Egal has created a heartbreakingly relatable character." - Kirkus Review



"EL POMBERO! is a sweet, family-oriented story with a warm and likeable heroine. The author has a gift for description and scene-setting, making the reader feel present in the scene with only a few carefully-chosen words or phrases. The different threads of the story tie themselves together in a subtle but rather elegant fashion, bringing a quiet feeling of resolution along with a bright spark of new beginnings." - Catherine Langrehr for Indie Reader


One of my greatest joys as a ghostwriter is discussing new projects with potential clients.  To find out more about how I can help you develop your story and ideas into a compelling read, please email me at: JackiegWrites4U@gmail.com