This experience with Jackie was quite insightful. She forced me to look at myself and decisions I had made for my life in a new way- really helpful in understanding the “why” behind who I am today. - Nancy J. Leon, International Volunteer and Activist

Working with Jackie was like having a free flowing conversation with a wonderful listener. The finished project is much more than I expected. I'm honored and inspired to be in the same company as such wonderful human spirits. - Craig Anthony Bannister, Actor

Jackie was amazing to work with. I told a story and she wrote it as the days I was living it. She’s super patient, kind and an A plus writer! Wow! She blew me away with her writing skills! Thanks Jackie! Can’t wait to work with you again in the near future! - Monique Leshman, Fashion and Accessories Designer

Jackie was easy to work with, fun to talk to, accurate and pleasant. I enjoyed telling Jackie about my life, and was pleasantly surprised with how she shaped it into a compelling and engaging story. My story only needed a couple of rounds of minor edits and Jackie was very accommodating about working with me to make the changes I requested. - Hardy Brooklyn, Model and Performance Artist